Bar-H Crossfire 11C

Southview Density 323B


We purchased Bar-H Crossfire 11C from the selection of lead off yearlings at the Bar-H 2015 sale.  He excited us with his exceptional 205 and 365 day weight performance, being the highest in the yearling group.  This coupled with a moderate birth weight made a lot of sense to bring him home.  Be sure to have a look at his current calves for sale in the yearling bull pen now.  Crossfire's sire was the highest selling Titlest son the Bar-H sale, selling to Six Mile Angus and Hamilton Farms.  Crossfire's grandfather is S Titlist 1145 who is pictured below in our AI section.



Southview Density 323B - We purchased this bull at Southview Angus in 2015.  We've had two crops of calves from him, with some sons currently for sale.  Unfortunately we lost this bull in the summer and won't have any further calves off of him going forward.  We plan to keep two sons off of him to keep his genetics in our herd.  On Gus's visit to Southview Angus, there was lots of excitement around Density's mother as she is considered one of their top cows. 

Son of SAV 004 Density 4336. (seen below) 



SAV 004 Density 4336

FV Angus Valley 304B

SAV Angus Valley 1867

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