Bar-H Crossfire 11C

Southview Density 323B


We purchased Bar-H Crossfire 11C from the selection of lead off yearlings at the Bar-H 2015 sale.  He excited us with his exceptional 205 and 365 day weight performance, being the highest in the yearling group.  This coupled with a moderate birth weight made a lot of sense to bring him home.  Be sure to have a look at his current calves for sale in the yearling bull pen now.  Crossfire's sire was the highest selling Titlest son the Bar-H sale, selling to Six Mile Angus and Hamilton Farms.  Crossfire's grandfather is S Titlist 1145 who is pictured below in our AI section.



Southview Density 323B - We purchased this bull at Southview Angus in 2015.  We've had two crops of calves from him, with some sons currently for sale.  Unfortunately we lost this bull in the summer and won't have any further calves off of him going forward.  We plan to keep two sons off of him to keep his genetics in our herd.  On Gus's visit to Southview Angus, there was lots of excitement around Density's mother as she is considered one of their top cows. 

Son of SAV 004 Density 4336. (seen below) 



SAV 004 Density 4336

FV Angus Valley 304B

SAV Angus Valley 1867

SAV Density One of the all-time great female producing sires identified in the Black Angus breed. This proven member of the Genex/CRI AI Stud was the $55,000 third top-selling bull of the 2005 Schaff Angus Valley Sale sired by SAV 8180 Traveler 004 from the herd sire producing Blackcap May family. A son sold for $65,000 as one of the features of the record-setting 2011 Schaff Angus Valley Sale where several of the featured and top-selling bulls were produced from his daughters.





FV Angus Valley 304B - Purchased from Johnson Fertile Valley.   He was the lead off bull in the 2015 sale.  The stamp he throws on his calves definitely stands out in the pen.  Currently he has seven sons on our sale sheet.  Very impressed in how this bull has developed into one of our main herd sires.  On Gus's visit to JFV he was excited about both Angus Valley's mother and grandmother.  They demonstrate excellent feet and udders along with superior phenotype.

His sire is SAV Angus Valley 1867 is pictured below. 



SAV Angus Valley 1867 was the high selling bull in the 2012 Schaff Angus Valley Sale where top cattlemen proclaimed him one of the most complete bulls SAV has bred.  SAV Angus Valley 1867 is the $200,000 lead-off bull from the 2012 SAV Sale. He carries the namesake of the SAV program and is backed by the best of the Blackcap May family that was established at SAV in 1945 and leads the breed in the production of AI stud sires.
The phenomenal first calfdrop by Angus Valley have exceeded all expectations and proven him as a consistent calving-ease sire who consistently transmits growth, muscle, performance and eye-catching style. His sons comprise an impressive sire-group that lead-off sale catalogue and his daughters are extremely feminine and broody with an awesome maternal look.

AI Sires

S Titlist 1145




Musgrave Big Sky






O'Neill's Black Bardolier




SAV International 2020




Garnier Pioneer 13C


S Titlist 1145 currently has a number of sons for sale on our sale bull listing.  He is a calving ease bull that does not limit performance by any means. We've used him on a number of heifers as well as a few cows and were pleased with the crosses both ways.  When Gus was done at Bar-H he purchased a grandson of Titlist - Bar H Crossfire 11C.  Also, was very impressed by the udders and femininity of the Bar H daughters.  You can find sons from both Titlist 1145 and Crossfire 11C on the sale bull listing.  





Musgrave Big Sky was the lead off and $145,000 high selling bull of the 2014 Musgrave Angus sale. Big Sky is one of the most impressive bull in the Nation and a true outlier within the Angus breed. He is an all out performance, maternal, and carcass sire. Big Sky is what the cattle industry is striving for and will leave lasting impressions. This powerful sire is extremely heavy muscled, good footed, clean made and sound; not to mention his unmatched phenotype and eye-appeal. His famous dam stems from the Primrose cow family that produced N Bar Emulation EXT. She is a world class female that has superior udder quality and fleshing ability. 





SAV Primrose 7861 - mother to Musgrave Big Sky




In 2015 we purchased a share in the semen rights of O'Neill's Black Bardolier.  On a trip down to Denver we saw this bull in the flesh which finalized our decision to invest.  Following this trip we headed to Iowa to check in on him as a yearling, and continued to be happy with him at this time.  Black Bardolier sons will help to add length to your cattle.  With a birth weight of 76 lbs, a 205 day of 982 llbs and yearling of 1700 lbs there is no lack of performance in him!  

To view his sire and dam check out the link here:   (scroll down a bit to find Black Bardolier)




SAV International 2020 -  One of the most highly valued pedigrees in the industry.  SAV International 2020 was the high selling bull at the 2012 Schaff Sale at $400,000.  He is a low birth weight Harvestor son, giving greater flexibility. His pedigree features generations of proven performers.  SAV International 2020 displays flawless phenotype and power.   
In spring 2017 heifers we've kept off SAV International 2020 will calve.  We sold one of our bred heifers off of him at the Fall Fusions Sale in Lloydminster for $6,000.



Garnier Pioneer 13C is a son of SAV Pioneer 7301 and one of our home raised cows, 101U.  101U has consistently produced top calves every year in our herd.  We showed Garnier Pioneer 13C at the 2016 Stockade Roundup in Lloydminster.  He is an exceptionally well put together, moderately framed bull whose emphasis is on depth and easy keeping.  He has stood out in the pen from the very beginning with a high indexing 205 day weight to top it off.  We have replacement heifers in the pen out of him that we look forward to seeing grow up. 

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